The most special weekend still can’t believe I managed to meet marc, please can I tell you that if you ever think you’re not gonna meet your fave please hang on and keep faith because it will happen when you least expect it. Aleix and colin were also so so lovely and spent a long time with the fans. To top it all off my main boy won and I am so so proud of him. That boy deserves everything good that comes his way. So grateful for this weekend so worth the wait. (Full post on meeting marc here)

I’m sorry i haven’t been on for a few days I’ve been at Silverstone and today was so so so so special, Marc is really important to me and a lot of people know that, he’s brought so much happiness into my life and idk where i was be without that loser tbh, I knew there was a main stage interview today with the moto gp riders and To get barrier i probably had to stand there for like 3/4 hours which wasn’t too bad, but so worth it. Marc came on stage and i started crying like an utter idiot and while on stage he kept glancing at me and then looking away because people were asking him things and at one point in the interview he made some weird noises and i can’t remember much because i was in total shock but then he walked off and everyone thought he was just walking off but he was getting a pen and he came down the steps and i just burst into tears and he signed a few things then got to me and i put my arm out to give him a letter i’d wrote and he looked at the letter, looked up at me, then looked at the letter again, took it and then put his arm out and was like ‘ayy ayy’ and he hugged me (p.s he smells amazing), he stood up and i was like ‘can we get a photo’ and he was like ‘sure sure’ so we took that and then i went ‘hey can we get one and you pull a stupid face in it’ and he was like ‘YEAH SURE’, I saw him pull a face and then i panicked and forgot every cute stupid face i know and i managed to pull the ugliest face ever, but i thought the photo didn’t take, so he moved on and i was like ‘MARC IT DIDN’T TAKE, IT DIDNT’ and he came rushing back and re took one with me and then smiled at me and went on his way, and he was in such a rush but he spend quite a while with me, but i’ve heard stories of him being a dick in real life but i just wanna tell you that he’s not he’s so so lovely, and really cares about his fans, like he pulled me in for a hug, i was gonna ask for one but then he just pulled me in, He is my favourite loser around and i am so so thankful he’s in my life. 

Can you believe this dude is the owner of my heart?!

This fanbase has had it’s differences over time but i think the one thing we all can agree on is that campus is the holy song 

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