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Will is hot as fuck. I mean like he acts with such confidence and talks really calmly I JUST ASKDFJASFHSAJKGDFH Oh, and he knows. He fucking knows. He is conscious of how he looks.

literally me 

Here’s a selfie to celebrate the fact I though fuck everyone I wanna wear a crop top, so I bought one, yay for mild body positivity or something….

I am so honestly annoyed, on this gifset I just realised it say’s ‘to instead of too’ and it’s bugging me because a, it’s wrong grammar and b, I had put too originally and i must of backspaced it when i got rid of a few of the full stops, i hate the fact on tumblr that when you edit the post it does nothing because the mistake is already out there and now im stressed, just fyi, i do know grammar, that was just a major fuck up on my part, wow a middle life crisis at 1:30am

I am the most lame excuse for a bastille blog and i can only apologise but hey look at these rad socks i got today 


i love watching pets sleep bc you see their belly go up and down when they breathe and you’re like wow this is a lil living creature that’s all mine to play with

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