I just realised i didn’t make dans dialogue red in one of those gifs,die.

Anonymous said:
Do you take gif requests?

I do

in 3 hours i will of been up 24 hours so i should probably go to bed before i actually pass out bye :)

Anonymous said:
oooh i love the gif, what do you mean by new photoshop? like, did you have an old one and just updated or found a download for a completely new app? i really like it tho!!!

I’ve had cs4 for the LONGEST time and it was getting so annoying having to sharpen each gif frame by frame because no timeline button, and i’d seen other people get newer versions of photoshop and it made their gif’s look better quality idk, so i finally found a working download for cs5 extended and yeah so there’s that :)

what are you smiling about? you’re gonna be good at this.

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